What are the jib crane types and their characteristics?

Today, cranes are very essential part in many applications, such as construction industries. Any such industry where heavy loads are required to save time and money and to be moved without harming any being these cranes come into the picture. There are basically 4 types of JIB cranes, having different characteristics and operation.

JIB crane consists of horizontal boom which is mounted on vertical stand. This horizontal boom handles and moves heavy loads from ground to top in an arc shape. These Jib cranes are of following types;

  • Free Standing JIB Crane: These cranes are mounted on the concrete foundation with the ability to make the rotation of 360. They can lift the load up to 5 tons.
  • Mast Type JIB Crane: there are 2 designs available in Mast type jib cranes full cantilever and drop cantilets. They can lift the load up to 5 tons. As per the requirement heights and spans are possible.
  • Wall Mounted JIB Crane: these cranes are economical alternatives of free standing Jib cranes and Mast type JIB crane with the capability of 200 degree rotation. With the ability of longer span they can also take loads up to 5 tons.
  • Metreel Met-track JIB crane: It can handle the floor mounted rotation from 200 to 360 degrees and 200 degrees for ceiling mounted rotation. It can span to 16’.  It is the most efficient, easy to handle and maintain crane out of others. It has increased safety and decreased injury chances.

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JIB cranes help save the time and money. Wall mounted or free standing, each crane has its own working nature. Depending upon the need at the site suitable crane is offered at the site.

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