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Flame Proof Hoist Manufacturer in India
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Flame Proof Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturers & Supplier in India

  • Rope Drum: Fabricated from Seamless Pipes with grooves for proper seating of wire rope.
  • Frame: Fabricated from plates confirming to IS: 2062, Gr A, laser cut profile & duly finished in boring machine.
  • Gears & Pinions: Helical type, made from Alloy steel materials, duly hardened and tempered. Teeth cutting carried out after heat-treatment for smooth, less noise operation.
  • Bearings: Heavy duty ball bearings of reputed makes used on all rotating parts, grease packed.
  • Motors: S4, 150 starts per hour, 40% CDF, crane duty Squirrel Cage motors as per IS: 2148 SPARK PROOFS. Suitable FOR FLAME PROOF Application
  • Rope guide: Provided for guiding the rope along the axis of Rope slides & is easy to dismantle from rope drum specially made from GUN METAL SPARK PROOFS. Suitable FOR FLAME PROOF APPLICATION
  • Hook: Forged steel as per IS: 3815 supported on the thrust bearing. Hooks as per IS: 15560 shall be offered on request.
  • Brakes: ACEM Disc brake provided for hoist and for Cross Traverse SPARK PROOFS SUITABLE FOR FLAME PROOF APPLICATION.
  • Limit Switch: Normal roller type limit switch provided for over-hoisting & over-lowering SPARK PROOFS SUITABLE FOR FLAME PROOF APPLICATION
  • Trolley Adjustment: Trolley easily adjustable for different beam sizes. The Higher flange width shall be offered on request.


  • Gas Group: I / IIA /IIB
  • Zone Protection: Zone 1 & Zone 2
  • IP Protection: IP66
  • Size: 250mmx145mm, 62.5mm max dia.
  • MOC: Aluminum Alloy (LM6)


  • Flame proof- weather proof push button pendant.
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Mixers & Conveyors
  • Centrifuges

Flameproof VFD Control Panel:

  • Junction Box
  • Power control center
  • Motor control center
  • Star/delta & DOL Starter
  • Variable Frequency Drive Panel
  • PLC Panel
  • Instrument Control Panel

FLAMEPROOF LIMIT SWITCHES are for either indoor or outdoor use in hazardous atmospheres, as they are completely sealed explosion proof devices.
Suitable Mounting Holes are provided for front or back side for mounting, making the switch interchangeable with various hazardous location switches.
  • Non Sparking Actuators
  • Six types of Operating Heads
  • Rotatable Operating Heads
  • Operates Up to 121 C
  • Ample Wiring Space
  • Multiple Contacts
  • Compact Machine Tool Type
  • Flexibility of Motion
Flame Proof Electron Hydraulic Thrusters: Flame proof Thrusters are specially designed for operation in hazardous atmosphere (Zone1areas) Gas groups I, IIA & IIB, as per IS 2148. Construction of Flame -Proof thruster is similar to a standard ETH type thruster and is modified to meet the requirements as specified in IS:2148(2004). The Terminal box is also re-designed to provide the molded terminal studs to most of the industrial applications.

Flame Proof Rotary Geared Limit Switch: Flame proof Rotary Geared Limit Switch FRGLS is used to trip motor supply when the moving loads reach the extreme end positions of working zone. These are suitable for use in explosive gases, as specified Gas groups I, IIA and IIB, as per IS: 2148 (2004)

Flame Proof Lever or Weight Operated Limit Switch: The Flame-proof type of lever or weight operated Limit Switch are designed for operation in hazardous environment where explosive gases/vapors are present. The robustly designed Flame proof enclosure is a closed grain, aluminum casting and is vacuum impregnated. The enclosure is certified by CIMFR - Dhanbad. Dhanbad for use in Gas Groups I, IA and IIB. Each casting is subjected to hydrostatic pressure test as specified in the standard.

Flameproof FLP Motor Extra features: Gas group IIC, Temperature class T3, ATEX approval, DGMS Certified, Special Voltages: 380V/400V/460V, Non standard Frequency: 60Hz, Forced Cooling, Degree of protection: IP56/IP65/IP66, VFD suitable with VPI/IGT, Space Heaters, Epoxy Gel Coat, Anticorrosion Paint, PTC Thermistors, RTD, extended shaft, double compression glands, special bearings, Terminal box position: LHS/TOP, Motors as per data sheets approved by NTPC, HDO, ONGC, EIL, MECON, UEM, BHEL, SAIL, etc. available on request.

Crompton Flameproof FLP Motor Specifications:

  • Motor KW/HP: 0.37kW / 0.50hp - 325kW / 435hp
  • Pole/RPM: 2pole/3000rpm, 4pole/1500rpm, 6pole/1000rpm, 8pole/750rpm
  • Motor Frame Size: E80 - E355LX
  • Motor Mounting: B3 (Foot Mounted), B5 (Flange Mounted), B35 (Foot cum Flange Mounted)
  • Efficiency Range: EFF1, EFF2, IE2


  • Hassle free operation
  • Easy installation
  • Longer service life
  • Easy maintenance


  • Voltage: 415 10%, Other Voltage class (220 V - 660 V) available on request.
  • Frequency: 50 5%, 25 HZ to 60 HZ available on request.
  • Combined variation: 10 % (absolute sum).
  • Insulation: Class F, Class 'H' can be given on request.
  • Rating / Duty: Continuous (S1}, Intermittent duties available on request.
  • Mounting: Horizontal foot mounting (B3), Other mountings available on request.
  • Paint: Epoxy anti corrosive painted surface, (Standard shade 631 as per IS - 5).
  • Ambient / Temperature rise: 45C/75C.
  • Higher Amb: up to 60C on request.
  • Temperature class: T4.
  • Degree of Protection: IP54-E80-E132M, E225MtoE/EW315L, (IP55 with canopy can be offered) IP55 - Frame E160L to E 200 L.
  • CMRI/DGMS: approvals as a standard feature.


  • Coal Mines
  • PetroChemicals & Chemicals
  • Oil Mines & Rigs
  • Fertilizers
  • Solvent extraction plants
  • Paints & Varnish Industry
  • LPG Bottling plants
  • Agro Chemicals
  • Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
  • General Industry
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