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Jib Crane Manufacturers and Supplier in India

A jib crane is very useful equipment which is generally connected with a hoist rope, wire rope or chain. It is used for both lifting heavy machinery and moving load horizontally. It transfers goods easily from one place to another. It is mainly used in the transport industry to load and unload freightage, in the Construction industry for transportation of materials and in the manufacturing industry to construct heavy load. There are portable jib cranes also available.

Benefits of jib cranes

  • Cost effective- It is your money saver device, having a portable jib crane is cost effective as it moves the load from one site to another effortlessly.
  • Mobility- It has flexible design and lightweight facilitates that transfers goods easily.
  • Easy to handling- These types of cranes are easy to handle and operate. It is operated by anyone in the workshop who does not require any training.
  • Buttress of workshop- It does work so efficiently that it is known as the pillar of workshop. Loading activities done in workshop are easy and conveniently.
  • Boost up safety in workstation- It has supporting beam and trolley movements; it is easy to adjust working loads.
  • Decreases interim- These types of cranes are simply installed so production period will reduce.
  • Precise sequence- its perfect and reliable sequence of beam and trolley movements reduces chances for any unwanted situation accrued.

Features of jib cranes

  • It has a capacity of loading weight up to 20 tons
  • There are 3 phase and 1 single phase units kept to maintain safety
  • Radio control system is applied
  • Limit switch blocks the overloading
  • Low headroom to help minimize deadweight
  • It is portable so you can load and move heavy loads
  • Two vertical standards are maintained
  • There is a facility of variable frequency drives

Types of jib cranes provided by Krishna crane

    Krishna crane provides different types of cranes depending upon the requirements from clients based on sizes and capacities.
  • Free standing jib cranes- This is a crane, which stands without any support. It has 360 rotations
  • Wall mounted jib cranes- These types of cranes are capable of 200 rotations
  • Mast style jib cranes- Manual or motorized type can do 360 rotations

Why jib crane is useful?

  • Jib cranes are applicable for on time delivered
  • We offer on-site technical support
  • Versatile capacities- It is for heavy and medium loads
  • It can reach anywhere- It can reach at any obstacle whether horizontal or vertical
  • It can be used in the workshops and carried outside
  • Wall mounted types of cranes do not require space, they are adjustable to keep anywhere
  • Standardization of jib cranes design by F.E.M rules and parametric modeling CAD/CAM/CAE in crane design is a good standard for job cranes
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