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Manual Hoists Cranes Manufacturers and Supplier in India

For certain applications the crane usage is not regular; manual operations are preferred by customers. In that case, hand operated overhead cranes in single girder OR double girder construction is catered as per the requirements. These Hand Operated Overhead Traveling Cranes are economical and easy to maintain. But for higher tonnage, such cranes require more manpower for operations. In hazardous areas like petrochemical plants, KRISHNA CRANE offers spark-proof HOT cranes also. HOT Cranes are generally used for the maintenance of heavy equipment in the plant. Cement, Petrochemical manufacturing, construction, agriculture, mining, oil and other industries and Engineering industries find the usage of such cranes. It does not require any electric power.

Types of Manual Hoists Cranes:

Push/Pull Manual Top Running Bridge Cranes:
  • Inexpensively manipulates loads up to 5 tons and spans up to 45 ft.
  • While push/pull type cranes available up to 5 tons, they are generally not recommended for capacities over 2 tons.
  • Operates best when installed at elevations of 15 and less.
  • They are not recommended where floors are slick or where floors are covered with debris as it is important for the operator to have good footing at all the times when using these cranes.
  • Push/pull overhead traveling cranes become harder to use as the physical size of the product increases.
Hand Chain Drive Manual Top Running Cranes:
  • Hand chain driven manual bridges are operated by pulling a chain that is looped over a chain wheel to turn the drive shaft and the drive gears on the bridge wheels. Due to the relatively slow nature of a manual chain hoist, they are recommended for use in applications that require precision spotting.
  • As the load increases in size and weight, hand chain bridge cranes are preferred over manual push/pull cranes. The heavier the load, the more force it takes to move. Another advantage of the hand geared overhead traveling crane is that it can be operated at a safe distance from the load.

Benefits of Manual Hoists:

  • It is durable and resilient for professional implementation.
  • These types of hoists are examined for overload application up to 50%.
  • It properly follows instructions regarding operating system.
  • It is very appropriate when electricity is not available.
  • These hoists are able to lifting loads up to 20 tons with safety.
  • It saves time and money.

Features of Manual cranes:

  • Easy to move.
  • Jerk free performance.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Longer service life.
Krishna crane engineering is a recognized name for supplying various types of hoists and cranes. It fulfills need of clients conveniently.

Basic Parameters for Manual Cranes:

  • There is a switch setting facility given.
  • Switch setting for traveling movement application and load lifting for chain hoists.
  • In travelling application, maximum and minimum driving frequency acquired in different types.
  • In chain hoist lifting current limit for chain hoist given.
  • Parameters also adjusted for motors and break control.
  • How much speed selected and frequency for motor driving is depending on capacity of hoist also break should be accurate and functioning properly.

Why to Choose Krishna Crane Engineers:

  • It provides services in domestic and global companies.
  • Having good potential sales and services system.
  • They have proper furnished office and tools depot.
  • Sales operation system is maintained by experienced and qualified Technicians.
  • 24*7*365 days Support.


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