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SINGLE GIRDER CRANE Manufacturers and Supplier in India

Single Girder Cranes are most appropriate for small capacities of 1 to 20 tons. These cranes are convenient for light duty weight and for short periods.

Benefits for Single Girder Cranes:

  • Productive cost of implementation of ideal sources.
  • High durability for low dead weight.
  • Low weight on structural building.
  • Safe and convenient while traveling.
  • Available on ranges would be 1 to 35 meters and 1 to 20 tons for humble handling.

Special features for Modular Cranes:

  • These cranes make useful to put less effort while lifting compared to double girder crane.
  • It is preferable for light and medium duty work applied.
  • There should be a radio remote and a pendant facility to control operation.
  • Double grooved rope installed at high level to easy load lifting.
  • Steel rope guide should use to heavy duty.
  • Latest safety tools are included to reduce risk.
  • There should be VVF drive for accuracy in load.
  • All motors are TEFC with class F protection concern.
  • There should upper and lower hook travel limit switch included

Types of cranes:

There are different types of cranes in single girder crane.
  • Under Slung Overhead Cranes: These type cranes are applied in a factory where headroom is associated. It has the capacity to lift a load from 250kg to 10 MT
  • slungcranes


  • DESIGN: The cranes are designed in accordance with IS-807, IS-3177 code of practice for design, manufacturing, erection & testing of the structural part of the crane & the IS-3177 code of practice for design of overhead traveling crane.
  • In the design of components adequate factor of safety, as per relevant code is allowed, impact, fatigue, wear & stresses concentration factors are taken wherever applicable.
  • All drives are designed to give a sound & efficient performance.
  • STEEL: I.S. 2062 Steel or equivalent is used in the manufacturing of the main load bearing members.
  • MATERIAL & WORKMANSHIP: All materials used in the crane are selected from quality material. Adequate factor of safety is used in the design of all parts subjected to stresses and shocks.
  • MOTORS: The main hoisting L.T. & C.T. are totally enclosed in dust proof construction either TEFC / TESC CLASS 'F' 40% CDF insulation of reputed make.
  • GEAR BOXES: All gear boxes used in the cranes are totally enclosed in dust proof construction. The gears run in all baths & hence, no external lubrication is required. Pinions are of EN-9 & gears are of EN-9 forged/rolled steel & are keyed to the carbon steel shaft. Gears & pinions are all precision machined. The shaft rotates on antifriction type ball/roller bearings. Use of totally enclosed gearbox, though costlier but it is desirable in view of the increased transmission efficiency & longer gear life.
  • BRAKES: E.H.T./E.M. type brakes are provided in the hoisting. L.T. & C.T. motion, these are automatically released when the motor circuit is on & are applied when the motor circuit is off.
  • This feature works as a positive safety device as the brakes automatically comes into operation when the power supply fails.
  • BEARINGS: All moving parts of the cranes are supported on antifriction type ball/roller bearings.
  • LUBRICATIONS: The crane is provided with necessary lubrication fittings to facilities maintenance.
  • OPERATION: The cranes are either floor operated or cabin operated as required by client for floor operated crane pendent. Push button station is suspended from one end of bridge at suitable height from the floor level with step down voltage of 110 V.
  • POWER SUPPLY: The crane is suitable for operation of 415 V + 6% volts, 3 Phase, 50 Cycles, A.C. Supply.
  • HOIST MACHINERY: Hoist mechanism consists of motor, brake, gear box, rope drum & bottom block.
  • ROPE DRUM: The drum is of mild steel fabricated construction having right & left hand spiral grooves machined to suit the hoisting ropes. The drum is of such that there is not more than one layer when the rope is full wounds. Also the length of the drum is such that each leaf of the drum when the hook is its lowest position & one spare groove for each rope lead when the hook its highest position.
  • WIRE ROPE: Wire rope is of best plough steel, fiber core normally in 6x36 constructions having a tensile strength of 160/175kgs./ [1570 N/sq. mm]. The wire rope has a factor of safety in accordance with IS-3177 depending on the class of the duty of the crane. The maker of wire rope will be Usha Martin.
  • BOTTOM BLOCK: The hook is of a single plain shank type conforming to I.S. 3815 & made of forged steel or equivalent supported on thrust bearings.
  • ROPE SHEAVES: C.I. runs on the bearing, adequate guards are provided to prevent the rope from leaving the sheaves.
  • LIMIT SWITCHES: Limit switches of reputed make are provided to prevent the rope the over lowering & hoisting.
  • CROSS TRAVEL MACHINERY: Cross travel machinery consists of motor-totally enclosed, dust proof gearbox, brake etc.
  • WHEELS: The wheel of the trolley & the end carriage shall be forged steel conforming to IS-2707Grill duly spin hardened to 300BHN material. Double flanged L type straight tread type fitted with antifriction bearings for ease of the maintenance.
  • BRIDGE GIRDERS: The girders are of plate welded BOX type construction designed to sustain all stresses arising due to vertical lateral forces with impact to which they are subjected. The maximum deflection of the main girder is limited to 1/900th span of live load including the weight of the trolley.
  • TROLLEY TRACK: Suitable square steel section tracks are provided for travel of the trolley. These are welded on the girders.
  • END STOPPERS FOR CROSS TRAVEL TROLLEY: Steel end stoppers are provided on either side of the bridge to limit the motion of the trolley.
  • PLATFORM: M.S. chequered plate / anti skid platform shall be provided for full length of one side of the bridge girder (If required by the client).
  • END CARRIAGES: End carriages are fabricated from rolled steel section/plate with adequate diaphragms & stiffeners to give a rigid construction. The girders with gusset plates are set on the end carriages & joined with bolt in rimmed holes wooden / rubber buffers are provided on both side crane and carriages.
  • LONG TRAVEL MECHANISM: The driving machinery for the long travel motion is either single motor drive or twine motor drive.
  • TWIN DRIVE MOTOR ARRANGEMENT: In this case, independent driving units comprising of motor gearbox, brake, etc. are coupled together & are mounted at either end platform. We are using our helical gear box for L.T. drive arrangement.
  • To Hoist and Cross Travel through Trailing Cables / Drag Chain To Crane through Shrouded Bus Bars / Trailing Cable / MS Angle Iron Conductors / Bare Copper Conductors (depending on customer's choice and application).
  • PAINTINGS: The structural parts of the cranes are thoroughly cleaned and applied one coat of red oxide & two coats of enamel paints before dispatch.


  • It provides services in domestic and global companies.
  • Having good potential sales and services system.
  • They have proper furnished office and tools depot.
  • Sales operation system is maintained by experienced and qualified technicians.
  • 24*7*365 days Support.

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