How To Pick Up The Right Crane for Your Enterprise

EOT crane

For the success of the project choosing the right crane for the right requirement is a challenging task. If the wrong selection is done it may be risky and dangerous. One who take care of safety, acquire less space, reliability, long lasting, easy to handle, strong in designing, loading, unloading, replacement and require less maintenance is the right crane for the project and one will find best EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad only.

There are four types of the cranes and before buying you should be aware of the weakness and strength of each type.

Overhead Travelling or Bridge Crane

It is also known as bridge crane which is mainly used for industry or factory purpose in maintenance or manufacturing application and extremely useful for loading and unloading trucks where efficiency or downtime are vital factors. It consists of parallel runways with a travelling bridge spanning the two side rail in an ‘H’ configuration. This crane covers the larger and wider area than jib crane or monorail.

Gantry Crane or Portal Crane

It is also known as portal crane and best alternative of the overhead travelling bridge crane. This crane is mainly used in marine, shipyard and railway. The functioning of crane along two rails spaced based on the size of crane to be used. The crane has the movable beam mounted hoist with a structure used to step an object. It basically move, load and unload the shipping container. This crane is used commonly in Europe. Ship-to-shore gantry crane is the largest example for the gantry crane in the world.

Jib Crane

This crane has a horizontal jib that support the boom to a movable hoist fixed to a wall or to a floor mounted pillar. It can be used for welding and fabrication. They provide lifting and dropping of the load within a fixed arc of rotation. The jib crane is fixed and always fitted on the top floor of the building to lift the item from ground to top or vice-versa. They are available with different capacities and configurations considering motorised rotation. The jib cranes are cheaper than any other cranes.

Monorail Crane

Monorail crane is a type of lifting device that propose as a secondary to conventional cranes or conveyors. It is used to relocate the desired product within the defined location or building. The monorail hoist and trolley run on a single steady beam. They are used designed in such a way as can take maximum benefit in curved tracks, multiple switches and interlocks. They are designed in such a way that it can be used for repetitive job and can be handled with computer.


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