Problems of overhead crane and tips to avoid them

overhead crane

It require big investment while purchasing the overhead crane but while working on this you might face some problems and there are some steps to avoid that problem. Overhead crane require maintenance regularly so that its life can be increased and then keep its operating efficiently. As you have invested a lot so you also want that it should be protected. Eot crane manufacturer in ahmedabad has highlighted five most common problem with the overhead crane which need to be identified and what can be done to prevent them.

  1. Wire rope gets damage and degrade: – This is one of the common issue faced while working on overhead crane as sometime wire rope gets damage and degrade. This happen due to some common reason: Wire rope sometime gets jumped out of reviewing system, Broken wires or worn outside wires, Wire may get damage or corroded at end connection. Many other operation conditions can also make wire rope damage and degrade. But there are several steps through which it can be prevented from getting damage and that steps are: Inspect the rope before you start working on the overhead crane and if in case there is any damage so take preventive action. Make sure the wire rope should be properly lubricated.
  2. Alignment and crane skew issues:- If overhead crane is out of alignment and skewing then it can lead to significant stress and damage to whole crane system. While construction of the crane, forces applied can also cause stress in the crane and hence this type of stress can result in accidents, crane failure, productivity loss and replacement of loss. To prevent from this alignment and crane skew issue crane should be regularly inspected by the service provider and that service provider will inspect and repair the problem before it become bigger.
  3. End truck wheel causing excessive wear:-End truck wheels are major components of the overhead crane and every time they require frequent maintenance, replacement or adjustment. As they are used daily hence wheel will naturally wear down and need to be replaced when required. To avoid the problem of end truck wheel, overhead crane should be designed, tested, and regularly inspected by a reputable overhead crane manufacturer.
  4. Electrification system problem: – This is the major problem faced by the overhead crane operator as conduction bar and collector connection gets interrupted and this cause control problem. There can be problem with the push button and radio control and blown flushes is also the problem and to solve this problem operator should contact crane service provider immediately and inspect the fault so that it can be solved.

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Hooks getting bent or damage: -There is load capacity of the hook and if it is above that then hook may start bending or can get damage. Regular check is requiring before starting of the shift. Hooks is one of the major parts of the crane so it should be taken care properly.

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